Translation services are quite unlike many typical jobs. For this reason, I have included the following terms and conditions. Any others will not be accepted. Any other agreements that deviate from or append the terms and conditions published here must be made in writing. 

1. Rates:
The price quote is based on the offer made when the project was accepted. There will be no additional fees charged due to difficulties in the text and/or make-up of the text or the format of the translation. The rates agreed do not include VAT.

2. Lines or words: 
The number of lines is determined based on the source text for the translation. The fees for translations are calculated on a line basis (a standard line has 55 characters including spaces) or a word basis. 

3. Additional fees:
A flat rate will be charged per project for regular postage and data transmission. An extra charge will be included on the invoice for any and all other types of delivery by mail (except regular letter postage) and special requests for express delivery, delivery with CD, an additional printout of the translation.

4. Shipping:
The translation together with the invoice (and storage medium, if requested) will be sent by mail and/or by email to the client once the translation has been completed. Any risks involved in sending materials by mail are responsibility of the client.

5. Project, assessment of text, and terms of delivery:
The contractor is free to accept or deny a project. The project will be accepted or denied and the client will receive notice within 48 hours of requesting the work. The difficulty level of a text and the calculation of the processing time required for a prompt delivery can only be assessed following careful scrutiny of the materials. Delivery dates are only binding if I have expressly stated them in writing. The project will be accepted only once the text has been evaluated and the processing time has been established. The request for a specific translation project must be made in writing. If requested, the project including price will be confirmed. Furthermore, the contractor has the right to consult other sources in order to complete the work requested. If the delivery date cannot be upheld due to acts of nature, I retain the right to cancel the contract or request an extension including an explanation of the circumstances. If the translation is not delivered by the end of the extension, the client has the right to cancel the contract. Any further legal claims, in particular the assertion of compensation claims, do not apply in any of these instances. Completion of the contracted service is defined as when the translation is complete and has been sent to the client as per request.

6. Special requests:
Any changes, revisions, and/or deletions made to the text by the client that are not attributed to a faulty handling of the translator will be charged according to the hourly fee agreed. The correction of third-party translations (proofreading) will be charged according to the time spent on the project. Texts which are difficult to read, faulty manuscripts, illegible handwriting, and photocopies will require an additional fee to the normal rates and will be discussed with the client. Express translations can be arranged once the project's parameters are clarified. Work over the weekend, express translations over the holidays, and overnight express translations, which require work to be carried out exclusively over the weekend, holidays, or overnight, will be charged accordingly.

7. Interpretation services:
The price calculation is based on the offer made when the project was accepted (see above Rates). The fee is calculated based on the number of hours worked, and each fraction of an hour will be charged as a full hour. Special rates can be discussed in individual cases. The time spent commuting to and from the place of work will be included in this calculation. Travel costs and hotel costs will be invoiced separately.

8. Notice of defects:
All translations will be made to the best of the translator's abilities. The translation will employ technical vocabulary as it is commonly used unless there are special instructions or reference materials provided by the client. This guarantee applies to ready-for-press versions only if a copy-editing is included in the services rendered. If a translation should be deemed unsatisfactory and contrary to expectations, notification must be sent immediately. This must be sent in writing within 6 weeks of delivery, otherwise the translation will be deemed adequate, appropriate, and correct. The client has the right to receive a new translation which is free of faults. Further legal claims shall not be accepted if the contractor does not receive an opportunity to improve the translation within an adequate amount of time (§ 633 of the German Civil Code, or BGB). Corrections made by third parties relieves me of my guarantee and cannot be invoiced to me. Claims made to the guarantee become invalid after a period of 6 months from the date of delivery (§ 638 of the German Civil Code, or BGB). I do not assume any responsibility for mistakes in translations which were a consequence of incorrect or incomplete information provided by the client or of incomplete originals. I do not assume responsibility for consequential damage caused by a defect if proof cannot be provided that the contractor or his/her other resources acted intentionally or grossly negligently.

9. Recall of a translation project:
If the client decides to recall a translation project in process without asserting legal or contractual claims, the contractor can charge the client with the incurred costs of the translation thus far.

10. Terms of payment:
The fees for the translation services and additional fees will be invoiced to the client upon completion and delivery of the translation. Payment in full is required within 30 days of the invoice date. No discounts will be given for cash payments. In individual cases special payment periods can be arranged. For larger projects the contractor can request a down-payment of a maximum of 30% of the total costs. The continued work on the project depends on the down-payment. If the payment is overdue, the contractor has the right to discontinue work on the project until the payment has been effected.

11. Place of fulfillment and place of jurisdiction

is the contractor's place of business.